36 Important Questions about Insurance

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Q1 Why should we deal with insurance?

Q2 What are the dangers insurance can be useful against?

Q3 Why should we bother with financial planning at all?

Q4 Why is time frame so important in dealing with our financial future? What does it mean, anyway?

Q5 What is the advantage of dealing with these issues now? Why not postpone it?

Q6 I run a home business / I am an entrepreneur. Why do I need insurance?

Q7 What are the main types of life and health insurance everyone should be aware of?

Q8 What are the main new trends in life and health insurance?

Q9 What is the essence of critical illness insurance?

Q10 Who needs critical illness insurance and why?

Q11 What if I have group health and disability insurance from employers, professional associations or WCB?

Q12 Will OHIP not cover me if I get sick?

Q13 Why is it said that disability insurance is available for more people today? For whom, actually?

Q14 What are some important factors to consider when dealing with disability insurance?

Q15 Are critical illness insurance and disability insurance substituting each other?

Q16 What is the extra charge smokers pay for insurance? What can they do about it?

Q17 What demographic, social and economic factors play important roles in the need for, innovations in, and availability of insurance?

Q18 Should children be insured?

Q19 I am very healthy. Do I still have to pay the regular premium price?

Q20 I have had health problems. Can I still buy insurance protection?

Q21 How can one calculate the need for insurance?

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Q22 Is term insurance really the least expensive protection?

Q23 What else than price should I watch for when buying term insurance?

Q24 Why should I give up my mortgage insurance from a bank for a good individual policy?

Q25 What are the price / premium differences among various companies?

Q26 What are the big attractions in universal life insurance?

Q27 Is this tax sheltering quality of universal life insurance really so important?

Q28 What kinds of guarantees can one find in some insurance policies?

Q29 Why are not all the universal life insurance polices equally good?

Q30 I am concerned that my wealth can be curtailed in a lawsuit. Is my investment within a universal life insurance policy really creditor-proof?

Q31 Does investment in UL have advantages even when compared with RRSPs?

Q32 It is just natural that insurance people sing hymns about various policies. Who else?

Q33 I am concerned about the huge financial burden of death; I want to keep wealth in the family. How could insurance help?

Q34 I cannot slice the cottage. How could I prevent my heirs squabbling because of it?

Q35 Why have segregated funds become so popular lately?

Q36 What if I am concerned with how the family can handle the long term care needs of our elderly?

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